Alaçatı BigFish Tournament turns into a festival

Seafarers and their relatives enjoying international fishing come together every year at the International Fishing Tournament.

In the tournaments which is held in Alaçatı,Cesme,Izmir every year, the almost 80 boats and nearly 300 fishermen come together in Port Alaçatı and they compete in a friendly manner.

Fishing Alaçatı turns into a festival with its music, food and various activities.

The event has been continuing under the name 'Alaçatı Big Fish' since 2016.

Previous name of the event was 'Alaçatı Fishing'. The 13th event was held in 2019.

The event is held with the participation of Turkey's best anglers from different regions.

Tournaments held in Turkey between 'Hunt, Drop, Alive' is the only tournament that encourages the practice activity is intended to publicize the sport of fishing to a wider audience. Within the scope of the tournament, which is among the most important tournaments in Europe due to the number of participants and viewers,

Alaçatı Big Fish Turnuvası Sona Erdi -EN

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