If modern architecture is your bag, Eaves House in Canada will be ticking off a lot of your boxes

Designed by McLeod Bovell Modern Houses and located in West Vancouver, Eaves House is one of the coolest looking pieces of design we’ve seen in a while here at The Coolector.

Eaves House from McLeod Bovell Modern Houses has a pretty cavernous 8502ft² of living space and it is positioned at the interface between a residential neighbourhood below and an undeveloped forested ravine above. 

The long and narrow cross-pitched plot on which the home is located is asymmetrical with a pan-handle shape and this adds to the unique aesthetic of the property itself.

Boasting views of the English Bay, the Vancouver skyline, and the Stanley Park peninsula which are spread across the horizon to the south and south-east really add to the appeal of this classy piece of contemporary architecture.

The main design feature of Eaves House is the hovering concrete plinth at the main floor which is located beneath two broad eaves.

The plinth forms a new “ground” in the air which hides a large auto-court at the basement floor and provides privacy by masking the road and windows of adjacent houses below.

From front to back, Eaves House steps out of its own way in a sequence of so-called views behind view that deliver an impressive unfolding cinematic experience when moving between the different areas of the home.

The property is primarily viewed as a pair of floating planes.

Between these eaves, an enhanced visual field is created that can be enjoyed both inside and out, drawing the eye beyond the immediate neighbourhood.

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