Minidive - Mini Scuba Tank Refilled By The User

Enjoy underwater life for 5 to 15 minutes - fill your tank with a hand pump or a mini compressor.

What is the MiniDive?

The MiniDive is a French invention that will revolutionize the practice of diving. The MiniDive weighs only 2.5 kg, and its capacity of 0.5 liter will allow you to go down to 5 meters deep, and stay between 5 to 10 minutes underwater.

To recharge it, it is quite simple, a bike pump will be enough, and it will take you 15 minutes to fill it up. If this seems too tiring for you, no problem, you will only need to use a conventional diving compressor.

It is also possible to replace the empty compressed air cylinder with another already filled!

MiniDive is to allow everyone to breathe normally underwater for several minutes regardless of the application and be able to fill himself his own breath system.

Main application is for pleasure to see underwater life like swimming with fishes rather than watching them from the surface.

But it’s also made for others applications and fields like boating when sailors and boaters need to check or scratch something under a hull.

MiniDive Pro is a mini scuba tank that give you the possibility to breathe underwater for 5 to 10 minutes, autonomy depends of several parameters but mainly of your physical activity.

MiniDive Pro is very easy to use, you put it in an harness especially designed for and you have hands free to swim underwater.

Specials hand made protections has also been designed to dress it and protect from small shocks.

You don’t feel the MiniDive Pro underwater, it’s very light and compact.

MiniDive Pro has a 0,5 L (30,5 cu in) aluminium tank, better than steel for rust and weight.

The interest of the MiniDive Pro is its ease of filling by the user.

There are 4 ways to fill the tank :

• A special high pressure hand pump very simply to use (just like a bicycle pump) can fill entirely the tank anywhere you are

• A mini electric compressor that you can plug in any 220 V plug (or 12 V plug with an inverter)

In addition the tank can also be filled by :

• Another (bigger) classic scuba tank (need a little adapter called "filling station" to transfer the air), DIN and a yoke models are available

• A classic diving compressor (directly) in the DIN valve available in all dive shops

For those who want more autonomy, the MiniDive Pro has another advantage.

You can remove (very simply - screw/unscrew) the air tank from the regulator system, so you can easily change an empty tank by a full one.

You can dive several times without having to buy as many MiniDive Pro.

A special harness has also been developed to attach the MiniDive Pro to the torso, it’s very simple to fix it with just few clips and press studs.

The materials used have been selected and tested to withstand stringent conditions.

• The priority in the design was the safety of products towards the user, that either during storage, during use underwater or during filling, even if there is an unintentional manipulation

• Scuba diving is a potentially hazardous activity if the user doesn't respect  basic safety instructions. Although the product is intended for non-divers users, it has been thought by divers. Products are intended for people who are comfortable in the sea and trained to swim underwater

• With the product, are included safety instructions and the behaviors to follow and avoid, all this is provided in the manual & safety instructions that the user must be aware before use the product

• A reminder of the most important information is on the mouthpiece (2nd stage regulator) like you can see below


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